Forbidden Pleasures: Revenge on Innocent Beauties hanime hentai tv

​The masochistic beautiful girls of the “Petit” label make their debut in this animated version of the timeless masterpiece “Tsugnahi” by Blue Gale. Watch as these cute erotic characters are trained in the art of masochism and subjected to intense pleasure and pain. Ruriko, a high-ranking lady, becomes the first victim as she is ruthlessly exposed and driven to the brink of ecstasy. As the story unfolds, the chase for the beautiful girls who try to escape their fate begins, leading to a world of gruesome eros and endless pleasure. Join Ryoichi, the brother seeking revenge for his sister’s pain, as he approaches his targets under the guise of a teacher. Can he fulfill his dark desires, or will the beautiful girls find a way to escape their torment? Discover the secrets and forbidden pleasures in this captivating masochistic drama.​