Worlds Collide: The Overfiend Awakens hanime hentai tv

​In “Nazi Germany – 1944,” a sinister Satanic ritual takes place as American bombers approach Berlin. Hitler and his followers use the Nazi Death Rape Machine to breach the boundaries between the Human World, the World of Man-Beasts, and the World of Monster Demons. Dr. Munhihausen Sr.’s lifelong work culminates in summoning the powerful Overfiend. Fast forward to modern-day Tokyo, where Munhihausen Jr. embarks on a quest to find a monster capable of defeating the all-powerful Overfiend. With rumors of ruling all three worlds after killing the Overfiend, Munhihausen is determined to assume control. However, hope emerges when Nagumo’s cousin, Takeaki, gains monstrous abilities after an accident. Joined by Man-Beast Amano Jyaku, his sister Megumi, and faithful companion Kuroko, they strive to thwart Munhihausen’s evil agenda. Will they be able to prevent Munhihausen and his tyrannical race from enslaving the world?​