Worlds Collide: Summoning the Overfiend - A Twisted Battle for Domination! hanime hentai tv

​Witness the horrific tale that intertwines Nazi Germany and modern day Tokyo in this dark and twisted hentai episode. As American bombers approach Berlin in 1944, a Satanic rite takes place beneath. Hitler and his minions utilize the Nazi Death Rape Machine to blur the boundaries between dimensions, aiming to summon the Overfiend. Fast forward to present-day Tokyo, where Munhihausen Jr., obsessed with conquering the Overfiend, searches for a powerful monster. Legend tells of eternal dominance for whoever kills the Overfiend, driving Munhihausen to seek complete control. When Nagumo’s cousin gains monstrous powers after an accident, Munhihausen’s plan edges closer to success. But with the relentless efforts of Man-Beast Amano Jyaku, his sister Megumi, and faithful accomplice Kuroko, hope for preventing Munhihausen’s tyrannical rule remains. Brace yourself for an intense battle for power and domination like no other!​