Kyouya's Forbidden Love: Android Sisters & Lost Memories hanime hentai tv

​Watch Episode 1 of this enticing hentai series based on the popular game by Alice Soft. Join Kyouya, a teacher at Andrude Ocean School, located in a sprawling ocean city, as he navigates a complex web of desire and secrets. When Kyouya saved Kisaragi Miyu three years ago, little did he know that she secretly harbored feelings for him. With the help of her twin sister, Yumi, an android with implanted memories, Miyu embarks on a journey to fulfill her love. However, Yumi’s emotions become tangled between Kyouya and her own sister. In Episode 2, the focus shifts to Kyouya and his first love, Yui, the little sister of Masumi. Don’t miss the captivating twists and turns in this steamy tale.​