Breaking Twin Sisters: A Forbidden Classroom Encounter hanime hentai tv

​Ryou, a student who enjoys breaking girls, gets transferred to a new school after being forced to leave his old one. He encounters Aina, the twin sister of a girl he was in the process of breaking. Intrigued by Aina’s tough demeanor, Ryou is determined to continue his pursuit of domination. However, Aina remains resistant and gives him death stares whenever they cross paths. Curiosity piqued, Ryou calls her to the art classroom where he shows her a compromising sex video featuring him and her sister, Yuna. Fearing the leak of the video, Aina reluctantly complies with Ryou’s demands. As Ryou uses a brush to tease her plump thighs, Yuna tries to resist but is unable to control her growing arousal as her body begins to respond involuntarily.​