Mother's Hypnotic Lust: Fateful Seduction hanime hentai tv

​Episode 2: The Domain of Illusions and Lust – A Hypnotic Encounter!

Based on the popular game by Black Rainbow, get ready for an enticing and captivating journey into the world of desires. Meet Susumu, a lonely and introverted young man living a mundane existence under the constant scrutiny of his mother. But everything changes when a new neighbor moves into their condo, introducing Susumu to the art of hypnotism. Armed with this newfound power, Susumu sets his sights on his mother, eager to break free from her reprimands. However, before he embarks on this forbidden journey, he succumbs to temptation, luring his voluptuous next-door neighbor, a hot and busty mother, and her adorable daughter into his web of seduction. Indulge in this hypnotic tale of lust and fantasies that will leave you begging for more.​