Seduced by Debt, She Becomes a Time-Altering Love Doll hanime hentai tv

​When a young woman visits the enigmatic Lord of the island, she finds herself forced to use her body once more to repay her debt. Desperate to make amends, she tries to use her hard-earned money to chip away at what she owes. However, her attempts are thwarted when she is handed a peculiar task: concocting a potent drug known as Chrono Syrup, capable of reversing time’s flow. Reluctantly, she accepts the challenge. Little does she know that her decision will have unexpected consequences. As she dutifully delivers the drug to the client who commissioned it, she becomes embroiled in an intriguing experiment. Consuming the Chrono Syrup herself, the young woman soon undergoes a staggering transformation, forever altering her fate.​