Princess Sugar's Forbidden Love Triangle: Royal Intrigue Unleashed! hanime hentai tv

​Princess Sugar’s debut title brings us an enticing story set in the western European country of Mellberg. Celina, the princess of Mellberg, disguises herself as a normal school student in Japan. Fate brings her to live in the house of Yuu, a distant relative. Meanwhile, Olivia, the princess of Marualand, finds herself exiled to Japan after a coup d’état. As Olivia gains popularity and is treated like a revered guest, Yuu becomes disenchanted by her arrogant demeanor. Celina, protective of her relationship with Yuu, warns Olivia to stay away from him. Undeterred, Olivia vows to make Yuu hers. Prepare to delve into a captivating tale of hidden identities, forbidden love, and a battle for affection in this enticing hentai episode by Princess Sugar.​