Pollen Frenzy: A Forbidden Mating Allergy hanime hentai tv

​Experience the erotic adventures in an alternate reality where sex knows no limits! Adapted from the popular manga by Koume Keito, this tantalizing episode introduces an intriguing concept of pollinic humanoids who transcend traditional boundaries. In this vibrant world, these male and female beings, akin to airborne pollen, travel freely and seek out receptive humans for fertilization. Witness how they wholeheartedly pursue their intentions, showcasing a myriad of seductive encounters. Their captivating presence is pervasive during their season, leaving only a handful of escape routes to evade their irresistible allure. Succumb to the intoxicating effects of the pollinic humanoids’ mating allergy, as they leave no one untouched. Indulge in this unique and sensuous journey where pleasure is unbounded, and fantasies come to life.​