Sexual Sensitivity Juice: Busty Sisters Need Vaccine! hanime hentai tv

​Ryuya’s everyday school life takes a sudden turn when he and his friends unknowingly consume a mysterious potion. With just a sip, their bodies become incredibly sensitive and desire-filled. The girls’ breasts quickly grow in size, causing a desperate need for sexual release in order to cool down. To develop an antidote, the only solution is for the girls to become pregnant. Ryuya takes on the responsibility of satisfying their intense cravings while working towards creating the much-needed vaccine. Get ready for an explosive and sensual adventure filled with steamy encounters and unexpected twists. Discover the lengths Ryuya will go to save his friends in this tantalizing hentai episode.​

Forbidden Medicine Juice: Busty Girls, Sensitive Pleasure! hanime hentai tv

​Ryuya’s peaceful school life takes an unexpected turn when he and his friends accidentally consume a mysterious medicine juice. With a single sip, their bodies become incredibly sensitive to sexual stimulation, causing a surge of excitement. Things get even more intense as the girls who drink the juice experience substantial breast growth and a desperate need for sexual release to cool down. However, there’s a twist – the only way to create a vaccine is for these girls to get pregnant. Ryuya finds himself embarking on a steamy journey of fulfilling their desires and cooling them down, all while working towards developing the crucial vaccine. Dive into a world where pleasure becomes a means of salvation in this sizzling hentai episode.​