Temptations of Summer: Innocence Lost hanime hentai tv

​Experience a sizzling summer vacation like no other in this second installment of the popular OVA series by Pin-Point! Hananade, a talented and innocent schoolgirl, undergoes a dramatic transformation after her break. Her once neat and cute appearance is replaced by a seductive allure, with black hair and a newfound craving for sexual pleasure. To her surprise, she finds herself dating her classmate Reiji Matsuoka, whom she despised before. As Nishida stumbles upon their secret rendezvous, she is drawn into a twisted world of desire and forbidden pleasure. Witness the intense and arousing scenes unfold as Hananade becomes a submissive and insatiable woman, indulging in erotic encounters with her partner. Will Nishida succumb to her own desires in the voyeuristic journey she’s embarked on?​