Dormitory Dilemmas: A Hentai Journey of Positive Injecting hanime hentai tv

​Satoshi Ashifuji, a working student with a scholarship, unexpectedly becomes the custodian of the all-female dormitory Kissuisou. However, the residents all have major issues, and things get even more complicated when he encounters Ibaraki, a self-proclaimed Zashiki-warashi who brings more trouble. If the negative energy emanating from the residents doesn’t change within six months, the dorm will be demolished. With no other options, Satoshi takes it upon himself to inject positivity into the lives of the residents, but there’s a catch – he needs to ejaculate inside them. Determined to save the dorm and his future, Satoshi embarks on a daring strategy that could change everything. Will he succeed and bring happiness to everyone in Kissuisou?​