The Mysterious Church Incident: Desperate Search for Tokito hanime hentai tv

​In the Taisho era, the renowned detective agency director Mikagura Tokito mysteriously vanishes after years of solving countless cases. Deeply concerned, his loyal followers Tomoe, Shigeno, and Chizuru embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. When they learn that he was spotted at a foreign church, their hopes are reignited. However, their optimism quickly turns to horror when they stumble upon a lifeless body of a priest with his arms severed. Believing this gruesome discovery may be connected to Tokito’s fate, they fearlessly delve into the investigation. But their efforts put them in grave danger as they get targeted by unknown assailants. Determined to locate Tokito, will they succeed or meet their demise as they rush towards the truth?​