Beastly Virus: Lust in the State of Emergency hanime hentai tv

​In a city overrun by half-human/half-beast creatures, Linda, a SWAT team member, is on a mission to track down Kata, a suspected carrier of a dangerous virus. As the city descends into chaos, filled with infected men engaging in explicit encounters with Kata, the urgency to contain the contagion grows. Meanwhile, Linda encounters Mustang, a member of Kata’s tribe, who warns her of the looming nightmare. With infected men transforming into ferocious beastmen, Linda and her team are compelled to take action and restore order. Will they be able to quell the rampant spread of the virus and restore peace to the city? Dive into this thrilling hentai episode filled with suspense, action, and erotic encounters.​

Beastmen Virus Outbreak: SWAT Team's Erotic Pursuit hanime hentai tv

​In this thrilling hentai episode, scientists and police are on a mission to track down half-human/half-beast creatures, all while navigating a world filled with intense sexual encounters. Linda, a member of the SWAT team, finds herself pursuing Kata, a suspected carrier of a dangerous virus. Little does she know, Mustang, a fellow tribe member of Kata’s, awaits her at Kata’s apartment to reveal a chilling truth about their city. Meanwhile, Kata, who fearlessly contracted the virus, indulges in intimate relations with multiple men, ultimately spreading the contagion. As the city becomes overrun by infected beastmen, Linda and her team receive crucial orders to combat the ongoing state of emergency. Can they save the city from this chaotic nightmare? Tune in to find out!​