Problem Students, Steamy Drama: Ryojiro's Dire Challenge hanime hentai tv

​Newly transferred student Saku Ryojiro finds himself at Kouka Academy, renowned for its theatrical pursuits. However, his first encounter with classmate Aoi Mirai results in an unexpected clash, witnessed by the Drama Club’s leader, Aizen. Seizing an opportunity, Ryojiro sees the altercation as a means to distance himself from his troublesome classmates. But when he’s tasked with directing them for an upcoming drama competition against the Drama Club, their suspension hangs in the balance. As Ryojiro battles against his problematic peers, his lack of experience in directing proves to be an additional challenge. Will they be able to overcome their differences and produce an award-winning performance?​

Wild Encounters: Drama Club vs Problem Students hanime hentai tv

​Saku Ryojiro, a new transfer student at Kouka Academy renowned for its vibrant theatrical scene, finds himself embroiled in a conflict with Aoi Mirai on his very first day. Unfortunately, their altercation catches the attention of Aizen, the formidable leader of the Drama Club. Seeking a way to distance himself from his troublesome classmates, Ryojiro sees an opportunity in the making. He is tasked with directing his unruly peers in a dramatic competition against the Drama Club, with the threat of suspension looming if they fail. However, Ryojiro soon realizes that his classmates’ rebellious nature poses a major challenge to his directing abilities. Can he find a way to unite them and secure their victory in the face of adversity?​