Ninja's Seductive Battle: Demons vs Humanity! hanime hentai tv

​Step into the world of action, sorcery, and seduction with “Ninja Sorority: Miko’s Struggle”. Set centuries ago, witness the enduring struggle between rival ninja clans that began with a forbidden alliance with the underworld. As peace reigns for over six centuries, the balance is once again disrupted. Enter Midou Miko, an 18-year-old ninja in training, as she takes on the responsibility of protecting humanity from sex-starved demons. Guided by her ancestral duty and armed with powerful battle skills and seductive prowess, Miko embraces her destiny to keep the underworld forces at bay. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as Miko fights her way through battles, using not only her martial prowess but also her sexual sorcery.​