Lustful Vixens vs. Parasitic Bugs: A Forbidden Desire hanime hentai tv

​In this thrilling hentai episode, darkness engulfs the land as the alluring vixens of Koga and Iga face a perilous new danger. Yatsurugi Shinobu’s intimate encounter takes a wicked turn when her companion, Mashiba Aya, becomes possessed by a parasitic bug, succumbing to its uncontrollable desires. Tragedy strikes once again as Kage Lena finds herself falling victim to the same fate. The only hope lies in the depths of the Koga Institute’s laboratories, where the antidote to this insatiable affliction awaits, poised to rescue Kage Lena from her impending doom. Brace yourself for a steamy and suspenseful journey as these seductive warriors fight to save their own primal desires.​