Childbirth Island: The Ultimate Impregnation Request! hanime hentai tv

​Seiichi, a teacher who owns unequaled abilities, finds himself unsatisfied with his life. When the head of an island known as Childbirth Island asks him for a particular favor, Seiichi’s life takes an interesting turn. On this unique island, women have evolved to give birth in just one week after implantation, ensuring the island’s prosperity for centuries. However, the islanders face a problem – they can no longer give birth without genes from outside the community. The island’s chief asks Seiichi to impregnate all the island’s women as an outsider. Delving into the island’s customs, Seiichi encounters women who long to satisfy the instincts of men and experience the joy of giving birth. Get ready for a heartwarming and super-masochistic adventure as Seiichi indulges in dirty pleasures with these women in the first episode of this anime series!​