The Forbidden Souls: Mishiro's Encounters with Dark Spirits hanime hentai tv

​In this thrilling hentai video episode, Mishiro’s past haunted by a toothed deity that devoured half of his soul. Now, he grapples with kotowari – spectral entities residing within the souls of his relatives, irrespective of distance. These kotowari, born from immense anguish, are only visible and tangible to their sufferer. Eliminating them is futile, as they endlessly reappear unless the root cause is resolved. Mishiro’s life takes a turn after arriving at a historic tourist town for school. He encounters a kotowari and embarks on a quest to locate its owner, only to discover numerous other girls plagued by their own torments. Dive into a world of supernatural secrets and sexual exploration in this captivating hentai tale.​