Revenge Training: Demoted Man's Immortal Lust! The Humiliation of Cute Sisters! hanime hentai tv

​Discover the enticing world of “Discipline 2,” the captivating second installment from Blue Gale’s immortal masterpiece. This erotic animation follows the journey of Manabu as he seeks revenge through the seductive and tantalizing world of ○○ training. Fueled by his demotion at work, Manabu sets his sights on his former lover, Maya, catching her in a compromising ○○ service with her manager. But his desires don’t stop there, as he sets his sights on Honami, Maya’s sister-in-law. The secret desires of Yuri Otome and her junior Rie add a thrilling twist to the story. Indulge in this dark and provocative tale as beautiful girls succumb to their deepest desires and experience the ultimate humiliation. Prepare for explosive and intimate encounters that will leave you yearning for more.​