The Maid's Secret: A Forbidden Inheritance hanime hentai tv

​In this captivating hentai episode, embark on a journey with Shinji as he navigates a web of unexpected consequences. Raised in an orphanage after the tragic loss of his parents, Shinji’s life takes an unexpected turn when a maid named Zero reveals a shocking truth. As the only heir to his millionaire grandfather’s business, Shinji is torn between his own dreams and his loyalty to childhood friend Sae, whom he yearns to marry. However, his freedom from this obligation hinges on an unconventional condition: locating a girl with a specific birthmark, one that only appears after she experiences orgasm. Will Shinji be able to find a way out of this predicament while preserving his love for Sae? Witness a tale of desire, fate, and difficult choices unfold in this original animation featuring breathtaking character designs by renowned artist Tony Taka.​

Inheritance Hunt: Climax Quest hanime hentai tv

​”Discover a captivating tale of love, inheritance, and unexpected twists in this original animation with stunning character designs by Tony Taka. Follow the journey of Shinji, a young man who grew up in an orphanage after the tragic death of his parents. Suddenly, his life takes a drastic turn when a mysterious maid named Zero reveals a shocking secret: Shinji’s estranged father was a wealthy millionaire, and now, his grandfather wants him to inherit the family business. Unwilling to abandon his own dreams and plans to be with his childhood friend Sae, Shinji faces a challenging ultimatum. To escape the burdens of wealth and power, he must find a girl with a specific birthmark that only appears after she reaches climax. Join Shinji as he navigates this thrilling quest, striving to uphold his love while trying to break free from his unwanted destiny.”​