Blindfolded Birthday Surprise: Tsundere and Cool Sisters Serve in Underwear! hanime hentai tv

​In this exciting hentai episode, meet the tsundere older sister, Kaede, and the naturally cool younger sister, Suzu. On Hayato’s birthday, he finds himself kidnapped by the two sisters and taken to a luxury hotel room. But things take an unexpected turn when Kaede and Suzu reveal themselves in their underwear. Determined to please Hayato, the sisters offer themselves as a special birthday gift. The normally strict sisters embrace their submissive roles in a thrilling service play. However, Hayato, who is usually swayed by Suzu, hatches a plan for revenge called the “Suzu Ika Seppa Revenge Plan,” seeking to punish her through sexual acts. What will happen when the sisters’ forbidden desires are unleashed? Find out in this seductive rooftop escapade filled with surprises.​