Temptations at Ikaruga High: Forbidden Desires hanime hentai tv

​Experience the intriguing and seductive world of Ikaruga High School in this captivating episode of Silky’s erotic game adaptation. Follow the story of Miyatsuji Kotono and her sister Suzuyo as they navigate the complexities of their school life, where their mother holds a prestigious position of leadership. Both girls yearn for the attention of the charming Kaneshiro Shoichi, but he only has eyes for the enchanting school doctor, Morisawa Maiko. As tension rises, Shoichi finds himself falling deeper into Maiko’s sensual grasp. Pressured by the impending threat of expulsion, he succumbs to Maiko’s temptations, leading him to undertake a daring mission to steal the examination disk from the principal’s office. Prepare for a thrilling tale filled with desire, deception, and forbidden pleasure.​