Forbidden Love: Princess Kurama's Escape & Nakamura's Moonlit Seduction hanime hentai tv

​”Princess Kurama is desperate to escape the confines of her castle, and with the help of her loyal guardian Oka, she attempts a daring getaway. But their plans are thwarted when Gensai, the castle’s commander, dispatches Shura and Dodorome to bring her back. Despite a valiant effort, Princess Kurama is captured and forced to return to the castle. However, she unveils a shocking power as she leaps off a cliff and summons the formidable Gauss using the moon’s magic. Meanwhile, in the present day, Nakamura Daisuke finds himself unexpectedly transported to a mystical world after his romantic date with Hazuki takes a bizarre turn. He encounters Princess Kurama, but an unforeseen betrayal prompts Dodome to lead him back to the castle. Will Daisuke be able to find a way to escape and reunite with his love?”​