Forbidden Temptation: One Week with Mother and Daughter hanime hentai tv

​”Fujimaki, left with nothing to do during his girlfriend’s study camp, unexpectedly encounters Satomi Kawai. Seeking advice about his relationship, Fujimaki had an intimate past with Satomi. Realizing Satomi is likely to fail her exam, she invites Fujimaki to her house for tutoring. However, Satomi’s preference for intimacy over studying becomes evident. The next day, while waiting for Satomi to return from work, Fujimaki engages in a conversation with her mother. The mother, who shares Satomi’s propensity for physical contact and excessive affection, captivates Fujimaki with her alluring figure. As a token of gratitude for tutoring her daughter, Satomi’s mother decides to tempt Fujimaki by exposing her chest.”​