Shamefully Exposed: Beautiful Girl's Delightful Humiliation hanime hentai tv

​In this episode of the thrilling hentai series, a seemingly calm and serious beautiful girl named Mika Takamine finds herself in an impossible situation. Despite her best efforts to hide her embarrassing appearance, she is exposed by someone named Taiki. Sensing the change in her best friend, Mika tries to take proactive measures but is met with confusion and disbelief from her teacher. As the only one dressed in a cheerleader uniform in a class full of uniformed students, Mika becomes the center of attention for curious male classmates during break time. Bombarded with obscene words and exposed to shame, Mika’s vulnerability becomes a delicious event for the boys around her. Find out how she handles this humiliating situation in this intense episode.​

Nishikiya Family's Secret Pleasure Den at Orchis Academy hanime hentai tv

​”Women’s Academy Orchis, established during the Edo period by the esteemed Higashizuma family, continues to uphold its esteemed reputation even in the era of co-education. However, rumors have begun to circulate surrounding the mysterious Nishikiya Family. Whispers suggest that the family operates clandestinely within the academy’s grounds, breeding and training the most coveted sex slaves for influential politicians and aristocrats. Explore the dark secrets and forbidden desires that unfold within the walls of this educational institution in this mesmerizing episode.”​