Blessed by the Goblin: Anvil's Descent into Pleasure and Despair hanime hentai tv

​In a world plagued by evil goblins, one devout pilgrim named Anvil becomes their next target. Fearing for her life, she relies on her faith in God to face the terrifying beasts. Little does she know, what awaits her is a fate worse than death. Ugly and relentless, the goblins descend upon innocent women, pursuing their impregnation. Anvil’s skin trembles as the unwelcome touch of a stern penis brings her unwanted pleasures. With no escape, she succumbs to the merciless pouring of seed into her vulnerable body, realizing she will bear their offspring. As despair takes hold, Anvil discovers that this is only the beginning of her hellish journey. A gift from the goblins wriggles in her stomach, and a sinister revelation dawns upon her – this is a twisted blessing from the Lord Himself…​