Stepbrother's Revenge: Wicked Lessons at Takamine College hanime hentai tv

​Gakuen no Shuryousha (Wicked Lessons) – Episode 1: Stepbrother’s Revenge! After the tragic loss of her parents, Noelle finds herself under the care of her stepbrother, Shuuichi. However, her innocent memories of him are shattered as he ruthlessly takes advantage of her on the night of their parents’ funeral. To make matters worse, Shuuichi abruptly transfers Noelle to prestigious Takamine College, carrying out his twisted plan. With each night filled with manipulation and desire, Shuuichi extracts information from Noelle about the women on campus. As he seeks revenge for his mother’s death, he immerses himself in the sensual world of the curvaceous Haruko, sexually talented Shirone, and the stunning blond bombshell, Elena. Witness the dark secrets and forbidden desires unfold in this intense hentai tale.​