Memories Unveiled: Seduced by Miharu's Sister hanime hentai tv

​In this enticing episode based on the eroge game Fukubiki! Triangle by Blue Gale, Ushio and Miharu enjoy a fulfilling and passionate relationship, indulging in a satisfying sex life. However, their world is shaken when Miharu suffers a severe accident, resulting in amnesia and a drastic change in her personality. Ushio remains devoted to her during her hospitalization, hoping for her recovery. Unexpectedly, Miharu’s sister, Futaba, reveals that the Miharu he knew was not her true self. Overwhelmed by Futaba’s tempting advances, Ushio finds himself succumbing to temptation while also grappling with his concern for Miharu. Brace yourself for a thrilling tale of forbidden desires and complex relationships.​