Naughty Director Discovers Talent: Harem Eroge Club's Wild Exploits hanime hentai tv

​Join Mikoshiba and the rest of the staff as they embark on a naughty journey to create the best eroge in this harem series. Mikoshiba, a talented artist, finds himself involved in all sorts of sexual encounters with female club members, becoming a tool for their pleasure. In this episode, Riko threatens Mikoshiba with a secretly filmed sex tape and forces him to be a test subject for a new type of masturbator. As the story unfolds, the director adds to the chaos by pushing down a reluctant Himekami. With its captivating combination of big-breasted manga and an up-and-coming anime director, this episode promises to fulfill all your fantasies. Don’t miss out on the enticing new jacket illustration by the talented Goban.​