Mourning Desire: Determined Woman Becomes DNA Hunter! hanime hentai tv

​XXX Episode: “DNA Hunter: A Unique Job for a Determined Woman”

After tragically losing her fiancee, Mai (Kylie Ireland) is determined to have his baby. With unwavering determination, she seeks help from a genetic research organization. However, the steep cost of the project leads Mai to take an unconventional job – becoming a DNA Hunter. In this elite group, it is her responsibility to obtain semen samples for women seeking children from specific individuals, by any means necessary. Before joining, she must undergo a challenging test – to acquire a random stranger’s semen. Can Mai overcome her doubts and pass the test? Will she be able to fulfill her desire to have her beloved’s baby, even if it means being intimate with other men? Dive into this erotic journey of hope, love, and a woman’s unwavering determination in “DNA Hunter: A Unique Job for a Determined Woman.”​