The Overfiend's Premature Birth: Chaos Unleashed! hanime hentai tv

​Twenty-five years after the cataclysmic collapse of the human, demon, and beast realms, the Overfiend, God of all Gods, is born prematurely. As he awaits his natural enemy, the Lord of Chaos, Amano Jyaku and his sister Megumi become his only hope for survival. However, destiny unfolds in unexpected ways, giving rise to a new race of half-breed demon beasts. Amano embarks on a journey to investigate the appearance of the Lord of Chaos, entangled in the power-hungry plots of Azuma’s dictator Caesar. With a demon beast slave revolt and the sinister return of Munhihausen, Amano and the demon beast Buju must unite to prevent another catastrophic destruction. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the Lord of Chaos looms closer.​