The Overfiend Unleashed: Battling Evil Entities to Save Earth! hanime hentai tv

​Discover a thrilling tale of supernatural beings and forbidden desires in this captivating hentai series. In a world where humans are not the sole dominant race, the Makai demons and Juujinkai half-man, half-beast beings coexist. Every 3000 years, the legendary Choujin, a supreme being known as the Overfiend, emerges to restore balance among these three realms on Earth. Amano Jyaku, a Juujinkai, finally finds the Choujin within the unsuspecting high school slacker, Tatsuo Nagumo. Now, Amano, together with his sister Megumi and their ally, Kuroko, must defend Nagumo and his new girlfriend, Akemi Ito, from the Makai. The Makai believe Nagumo to be a malevolent force destined to annihilate all living creatures. Will love and power intertwine to save Nagumo and the fate of the world?​