Supreme Being Unleashed: Demons, Beasts & High School Love! hanime hentai tv

​In this thrilling hentai episode, explore a world where humans coexist with two other dominant races: the demon-like Makai and the half-man, half-beast Juujinkai. Once every 3000 years, a powerful being known as the Choujin emerges to restore balance among the realms. In modern-day Japan, Amano Jyaku, a Juujinkai, finally discovers the Choujin within the seemingly average high school student, Tatsuo Nagumo. With the help of his sister, Megumi, and their loyal companion, Kuroko, Amano is determined to protect Nagumo and his new girlfriend, Akemi Ito, from the Makai. But the Makai perceive Nagumo as a malevolent force threatening life on Earth. Join the action-packed journey as Amano fights to safeguard Nagumo and unravel the truth behind his extraordinary powers.​