The Forbidden Classroom: Training Temptations hanime hentai tv

​Discover the hidden secrets of an elite high school in this provocative hentai episode. Behind its prestigious facade lurks a dark world of sex slaves and secret dealings. Desperate for money, the school trades these slaves to colleges in exchange for contributions. Disposable teachers, known as trainers, are responsible for training these sex slaves and keeping everything hush-hush. When talented men are hired as temporary teachers, they are discreetly tested and given the opportunity to become trainers themselves. Our protagonist, Simazu, a former student harasser, finds himself expelled and unemployable until this school offers him a chance at redemption. Will he succumb to temptation and exploit his newfound power, or will he find a way to rise above his sordid past? Experience the thrilling and forbidden world of sex and power in this tantalizing hentai episode.​