Lucky Kenta: Seduction from a Celestial Goddess hanime hentai tv

​In this exciting episode of action-packed hentai, we follow Kenta, an average-looking guy who possesses an extraordinary talent for seducing women. How does he achieve this feat? Well, it turns out he has a devoted and love-struck goddess by his side. With her help, Kenta gains the unique ability to charm not just one, but a total of seven different women. Everywhere he goes, Kenta effortlessly manages to captivate and engage with stunningly beautiful ladies who are eager to explore their desires. However, when it comes to Misao, Kenta encounters a challenging situation. Not only is she a virgin, but she also finds herself relentlessly pursued by a dangerous gang of street toughs. Will Kenta be willing to put his life at risk in order to satisfy his intense lust for Misao? Be prepared for an enthralling journey filled with seduction, empowerment, and thrilling confrontations.​