Lustful Encounters: Kenta's Seductive Quest for Seven Women hanime hentai tv

​In this episode of our enticing hentai series, meet Kenta, an average-looking guy who has an exceptional talent for attracting and seducing women. How does he do it? With the assistance of a smitten goddess, who bestows upon him the power to seduce seven different women. Every place he goes, Kenta effortlessly charms and engages with stunning ladies who are more than eager to indulge in his desires. However, when it comes to Misao, things aren’t so simple. Misao is a virgin and is continuously pursued by a group of menacing street thugs who crave her just as fiercely as Kenta does. Will Kenta be willing to put himself in danger to win her over, driven solely by his insatiable lust? Discover the captivating power of sex in this thrilling hentai adventure.​