All-Female Academy Job Counselor Teaches with Role-Play hanime hentai tv

​Based on the popular game by Crossnet-Pie, “Kisaragi Academy” follows the story of Ichijou Daisuke, a fresh-faced teacher at an exclusive all-female school. His new role as a job counselor puts him in unique situations, as he engages with the students in thrilling role-playing exercises. Witness the enticing encounters as Daisuke interacts with the girls, each adorned in alluring uniforms like nurses and shrine maidens. With an atmospheric blend of romance and desire, this tantalizing hentai series explores the forbidden relationships that blossom behind closed doors. Step into this world of seduction and surrender, where boundaries are pushed and passions run wild. Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey through the clandestine desires of Kisaragi Academy.​