Forbidden Desires Unleashed: A Sister's Ultimate Sacrifice hanime hentai tv

​In this episode, Takami Akitoshi finds himself harboring forbidden feelings for his beautiful elder sister, Hitomi, ever since their parents’ untimely demise. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious girl named Mina, who claims to be Death herself, intrudes into Takami’s room. Mina reveals that Takami’s time on earth is nearing its end and that she has come to collect his soul. Frantically, Hitomi intervenes and pleads for her brother’s life. Touched by her sincerity, Mina agrees to spare Takami’s life on one condition: if he can father a child within a week. As the weight of Mina’s proposition settles in, Takami can’t help but turn to his sister, torn between fulfilling Mina’s request and succumbing to his deepest desires.​