Inescapable Pleasure: Mysterious Game Traps Schoolmates in Forbidden Desires. hanime hentai tv

​In this episode, Arisa Katagiri, Hikaru Tsumura, Miho Sonoda, Junpei Katagiri, and Tomonori Abe find themselves trapped in a mysterious space controlled by a ruler that emerges from their smartphones. To escape, they must complete a game involving the creation of a satisfying adult video. Tomonori is given a script that makes his fantasies come true, leading him to produce an AV. However, the ruler demands more, pushing Tomonori to reluctantly write a second script. As the story continues, Junpei wakes up injured with Hikaru, disguised as a nurse, by his side. Junpei is shocked by the sudden appearance of his classmate and the uncontrollable actions dictated by the script. Hikaru struggles with her desires as she reaches for Junpei’s crotch against her own will.​